Character Creation

(Almost) Everything you need to create your character is on this page...

Blank Character Sheet

(Print out a copy to take notes on.)

First, figure out what Class you want to be. Then choose a race. Check to see if there are any racial substitution levels or Dragonmarks that interest you.



Racial Substitution Levels


Next use the point buy system to assign values to your attributes. Use the other files to record the bonuses and stats that are associated with your attribute values on your character sheet.

Point Buy System

Ability Modifiers

Bonus Power Points (Psionic Characters Only)

Carrying Capacity

Assign your Skill points and pick out your Feats.


Skill Descriptions

Skill Tricks

Feat Index

Pick a character companion (If allowed by class), come up with a name, record your Action Points and figure out your starting cash.

Character Companions

Naming Conventions

Action Points

Starting Funds and Higher Level Equivalents

Pick out your weapons and armor.

Weapon Index

Weapon Descriptions

Armor/Shield Index

Armor/Shield Descriptions

Choose your equipment.

Equipment Index

Equipment Descriptions

Alchemy Index

Alchemy Descriptions

Spells, Psionic Powers and Magic/Psionic items are all linked in the main index on the left side of the screen.