There are 12 Dragonmarks, each dragonmark is associated with an established house. Each dragonmarked house is considered a neutral party in times of war. Each dragonmark gives its bearers a specific ability.

Dragonmarks do not appear on all family members, nor do they appear and any given time during a persons life. Non marked family members do the menial jobs associated with the commerce the family is involved in, while dragonmarked members do the magic.

The Dragonmarked families constitute an aristocracy of commerce and industry across Khorvaire. The blood members of each family have wealth and social status that puts them firmly in the middle to upper class of Khorvairian society. The house nobles and immediate relatives share the highest status in the land, equivalent to the royal houses or the highest clergy. Scions further removed from the main bloodline, share and take advantage of this status as the nobles allow, but on their own they rank in the middle class.

The Dragonmarks:

Dragonmark Name Race
Detection Half Elf
Finding Half Orc / Human
Handling Human
Healing Halfling
Hospitality Halfling
Making Human
Passage Human
Scribing Gnome
Sentinal Human
Shadow Elf
Storm Half Elf
Warding Dwarf

Mark of: Detection
Race: Half Elf
House Name: Medani

Least Dragonmark: +2 Bonus on all Spot checks, Detect Magic 2x/day OR Detect Poison 2x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Detect Scrying 1x/day OR See Invisibility 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: True Seeing 1x/day

Influence: Warning Guild
Background: The mark of Detection first appeared to house Medani in pre-Galifar, Breland 1500 years ago. They used their abilities to detect threats and foresee dangers to establish a base of power related to Knowledge in the wake of the War of the Mark. The house is ruled by Baron Trelib d’Medani, who rules from an enclave in Wroat. He is a great friend of the Breland king, Boranel and often favors that country in his dealings. The Warning guild offers services related to personal protection. Its members work as bodyguards, scouts, sentries and inquisitives, ever vigilant for unexpected threats that could pose a danger to the clients they serve.

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Mark of: Finding
Race: Half Orc / Human
House Name: Tharashk

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Search, Identify 1x/day or Know Direction 1x/day or Locate Object 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Helping Hand 1x/day or Locate Creature 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Find the Path 1x/day

Influence: Finder's Guild
Background: The humans and half-orcs of house Tharashk use the mark of Finding to work as prospectors, inquisitives and bounty hunters. The mark of Finding first appeared 1000 years ago. After being visited by house Sivis, 500 years ago, they followed the example of the gnomes and formed an economic force of their own. The initial business of the house was derived from the immense Eberron dragonshard deposits in the region: Tharashk quickly became the prime suppliers of Eberron dragonshards to the rest of Khorvaire. Over the last 300 years, the house has expanded its operations across Khorvaire, working as trackers and prospectors beyond compare. The affairs of the house are managed from Zarash’ak by a triumvirate representing the old clans. Current members include: Daric d’Veldaran, Khundar’aashta and Maagrim d’Tharashk. The triumvirate appoint regional leaders to run Tharashk operations in the other nations, and these leaders, in turn, appoint lesser officials within the territories they control. Although orcs cannot manifest the mark of Finding, House Tharashk includes orc members. The orcs devote their physical strength to mining and prospecting, or to assist their marked cousins on bounty hunting assignments. House Tharashk maintains a number of different operations under the auspices of the Finders guild. Members help miners find rich deposits, as well as maintaining a rich mining operation of their own. The guild has a virtual monopoly on the Eberron shard trade. Using skilled inquisitives and bounty hunters, both marked and unmarked, the house conducts such business. In addition, Tharashk has recently been acting as a clearinghouse for the services of mercenaries from Droaam, including monstrous soldiers, ogre laborers, harpy scouts and others.

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Mark of: Handling
Race: Human
House Name: Vadalis

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Handle Animals, Calm Animals 1x/day, Charm Animal 1x/day or Speak with Animals 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Dominate Animal 1x/day or Greater Magic Fang 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Animal Growth 1x/day or Summon Natures Ally V 1x/day

Influence: Handler's Guild
Background: House Vadalis bears the mark of handling which has the power to calm and control animals. The Handlers guild breeds, trains and sells a tremendous variety of animals, and Vadalis handlers serve as teamsters, trainers and stablekeepers across Khorvaire. When the mark appeared 1800 years ago, in the Eldeen Reaches, it was seen as a gift of the gods, for it helped protect the tribe from the numerous wild animals of the area. Today the power of the house radiates out from the Eldeen reaches and spreads over all of Khorvaire. House Vadalis is a family first and a business second. Patriarch Dalin d’Vadalis oversees operations from his enclave in the heart of the city of Varna, and the house maintains a number of small communities throughout the eastern portion of the Eldeen reaches. House Vadalis provides magebred animals, guardian animals and well trained natural animals as well as stables , training, animal health care, drivers and teamsters all across Khorvaire. House Vadalis has strong ties to House Orien and Orien caravans often use Vadalis drivers and animals. Since the druids emerged from the Great Forest, Vadalis has done its best to maintain strong ties with the Wardens of the Wood. Not all Eldeen druid sects approve of the house, in fact the Ashbound despise Vadalis and often raid the holdings of the house. Also, the house made bitter enemies with the elves of Valenar twenty years ago when the attempted to steal a herd of Valenar horses.

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Mark of: Healing
Race: Halfling
House Name: Jorasco

Least Dragonmark: +2 to Heal, Cure Light Wounds 1x/day or Lesser Restoration 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Cure Serious Wounds 1x/day, Neutralize Poison 1x/day, Remove Disease 1x/day or Restoration 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Heal 1x/day

Influence: Healer's Guild
Background: The mark of healing appeared to house Jorasco about 3000 years ago in the talenta plains but the clan soon moved its base of operations to Karrnath to better serve greater good of Khorvaire. The house is ruled by Ulara d’Jorasco from the family enclave in Vedykar. House Jorasco has healing houses, hospitals and healing enclaves all over Khorvaire, using magic, alchemy and traditional treatments to cure the sick, wounded or insane.

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Mark of: Hospitality
Race: Halfling
House Name: Ghallanda

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Diplomacy, Purify Food/Drink 2x/day, Prestidigitation 2x/day or Unseen Servant 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Create Food and Water 1x/day or Leomund's Secure Shelter 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Heroes Feast 1x/day or Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion 1x/day

Influence: Hosteler's Guild
Background: The mark of Hospitality appears in this house almost 3200 years ago. By using the powers of food and shelter among the nomadic tribes of the plains, the Ghallanda family soon became powerful indeed. This house is ruled by Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda for the city of Gatherhold. In the talenta plains, they maintain the city of Gatherhold for the nomadic halflings that come there to trade and purchase items. In the cities, the clan runs the Hostelers guild, they run inns and restaurants as well as inspection services to all food vendors that want the houses seal of approval for all to see.

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Mark of: Making
Race: Human
House Name: Cannith

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Craft, Make Whole 1x/day, Mending 2x/day or Repair Light Damage 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Minor Creation 1x/day or Repair Serious Damage 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Fabricate 1x/day or Major Creation 1x/day

Influence: Tinker's Guild, Fabricator's Guild
Background: House Cannith arose over 2500 years ago in pre-Galifar Cyre. Originally they were mere tinkers that used their dragonmarks to gain an edge over competitors. Now they excel in Alchemy, Artificing and Magewrighting. The destruction of the houses historical estates in Cyre and the death of the patriarch have thrown the clan into chaos. Three leaders have emerged and non will bow to the other, while the schism is not as bad and the split in the Mark of Shadows house, it may reach that point yet. The house maintains two guilds: the Tinker guild and the Fabricators guild. The tinkers repair damaged structures and vehicles, maintain infrastructures in major cities and perform similar crafts. Many tinkers follow a circuitous route between villages, using their abilities to maintain them as they pass through. The Fabricators guild, perform the greatest acts of craft, artifice and magic. The guild is divided into dozens of specializations. Each guild school closely guard the secrets of their creation patterns, which allow them to create items faster and with less cost.

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Mark of: Passage
Race: Human
House Name: Orien

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Survival, Expeditious Retreat 1x/day, Mount 1x/day or Dimension Leap (10’/lvl) 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Dimension Door 1x/day or Phantom Steed 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Overland Flight 1x/day or Teleport 1x/day

Influence: Courier's Guild, Transportation Guild
Background: The mark of Passage appeared to house Orien on pre-Galifar Aundair almost 2000 years ago. Its abilities related to transportation and teleportation quickly earned it a place of economic power. The house is ruled by Baron Kwanti d’Orien from an enclave in the city of Passage. Kwanti is constantly on the move and the house maintains outposts all across Khorvaire. The couriers guild takes advantage of the vast transportation network established by the house as well as teleportation abilities to move packages, messages and passengers quickly and discreetly to their destination. The Transportation guild maintains the Lightning Rail and caravan routes all across Khorvaire, providing constant lines of supplies and communications across the continent. The guild also maintains the network of trade roads that criss-cross the continent, ensuring safety for those that use them.

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Mark of: Scribing
Race: Gnome
House Name: Sivis

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Decipher Script, Arcane Mark 2x/day, Comprehend Languages 1x/day or Whispering Wind 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Illusory Script 1x/day, Secret Page 1x/day or Tongues 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Sending 1x/day

Influence: Notaries Guild, Speaker's Guild
Background: The mark of Scribing appeared to the gnomes around 2800 years ago in Zilargo. Realizing that the power they possessed might make them targets of retribution, they immediately set out to make themselves helpful and important to society. They left Zilargo and moved to Korranberg in Khorvaire. House Sivis loves bureaucracy, a council of nine oversees the operations in each nation. They each send a representative to the high council in Korranberg, which manages the affairs of the house across Khorvaire. There is a constant silent battle within the halls of this house, to gain more power than your equals but all of it is in fun, and part of the gnomic tradition. House Sivis has two major operations; the Speakers guild and the Notaries guild. The speakers guild offers the service of translators, interpreters, mediators and advocates. In addition, the Speakers guild maintains the network of messenger stations through which, for a price, a message can be sent to any part of Khorvaire. The Notaries guild deals with written documents. Sivis scribes use Arcane Marks to authenticate official documents, they also provide transcription, translation, bookkeeping and copying of texts. They specialize in the creation of secure documents, using illusory script to prepare missives that can only be read by designated individuals.

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Mark of: Sentinal
Race: Human
House Name: Deneith

Least Dragonmark: +2 to Sense Motive, Mage Armor 1x/day, Prot from Arrows 1x/day, Shield of Faith 1x/day or Shield Other 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Protrection from Energy 1x/day or Lesser Globe of Invulnerability 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Globe of Invulnerability 1x/day

Influence: Blademark's Guild, Defender's Guild
Background: This house rose almost 2600 years ago in pre-Galifar Karrnath. This house offers the services of the blademarks guild and the Defenders guild. They house is ruled by Baron Breven d’Deneith from his base of operations in Karrlakton. He oversees the Sentinal marshals, who by ancient decree, provide law and order across national boundaries. This house is run like the military and all heirs are expected to serve in either one of the two guilds or the Sentinal Marshals. This is a purely neutral mercenary house, willing to sell warriors to any side in a conflict. They have the largest military presence of all the dragonmarked houses. However, since the weakening of the five nations from the war, some members feel it may be time to form a new kingdom of their own. The Defenders guild provide personal bodyguards to those that can afford them. The Blademarks guild supplies the mercenaries for battles.

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Mark of: Shadow
Race: Elf
House Name: Phiarlan / Thuranni

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Gather Information, Darkness 1x/day, Disguise Self 1x/day or Minor Image 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance 1x/day, Shadow Conjuration 1x/day or Scrying 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Mislead 1x/day, Prying Eyes 1x/day or Shadow Walk 1x/day

Influence: Entertainer's and Artisan's Guild
Background: The first dragonmarks appeared among the elves of Aerenal more than 3000 years ago. The mark of Shadow and the mark of Death at about the same time and the elves quickly understood the significance of the event. House Phiarlan organized around the mark of Shadow and began turning the abilities provided by the mark into an economic dynasty. However, with the slaughter of the house of Death, 2600 years ago, House Phiarlan left Aerenal and relocated to Khorvaire, where the elves intermingled with the humans and helped lay the foundation for the Five Nations. The Mark of Shadow grants divinary and illusory powers to those who possess it. The Entertainers and Artisans guild of house Phiarlan grants gifted members of both professions gainful employment. The house’s true work, involving espionage and information brokering is done in secret. During the last war, the secret work of the house led to a schism within the family. After much turmoil, part of the family broke off and formed house Thuranni.

House Phiarlan: Today, Baron Elvinor d’Phiarlan serves as house matriarch from her palace in Sharn. Most people believe that the elves who work for her are the best entertainers and artisans money can buy. Few suspect the truth, that each is an integral part of her network of spies working throughout Khorvaire. Most of the house’s business comes from Breland, aundair and Thrane. House Phiarlan maintains cordial ties with the elf lords of Aerenal, but it has long been accepted that it is no longer part of the elf kingdom.
House Thuranni: Thuranni competes directly in all aspects with house Phiarlan, although Thuranni is the weaker of the two. For 25 years since the split, they have run their operations from Regalport in the Lhazaar principalities. Baron Elar d’Thuranni oversees the house operations, selling its services to clients in Karrnath, Droaam, Q’barra and the Lhazaar Principalities. Rumors persist that the Baron deals directly with the Order of the Emerald claw, but there is no real proof. House Thuranni is a much darker and sinister version of the house of Phiarlan.

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Mark of: Storm
Race: Half Elf
House Name: Lyrander

Least Dragonmark: +2 on Balance, Endure Elements 1x/day, Fog Cloud 1x/day or Gust of Wind 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Sleet Storm 1x/day, Winds Favor 1x/day or Wind Wall 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Control Winds 1x/day or Control Weather 1x/day

Influence: Windwright's Guild, Raincaller's Guild
Background: The mark of storm appeared in the half elf Lyrandar clan in pre-Galifar thrane, 2000 years ago. Today it operates out of Aundair to avoid Thrane’s restrictive theocracy. The house is ruled by Esravash d’Lyrandar, who oversees both the Raincallers guild and the Windwrights guild from the island paradise of Stormhold off the coast of Aundair. The raincallers guild helps farmers across Khorvaire as well as any others that need the weather affected in a localized area. The windwright guild controls a vast shipping and transportation business that operates in the air and across the sea. With outposts in Breland, Aundair, Zilargo, Thrane, Valenar and Karrnath, house Lythandar’s shipping and transportation services rival those of house Orien, and the two often compete for contracts that can be fullfilled either over land or sea. The half-elves find few opportunities in the Lhazaar principalities, however and often come into conflict with the ships of the Lhazaar princes in the open sea.

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Mark of: Warding
Race: Dwarf
House Name: Kundarak

Least Dragonmark: +2 to Search, Alarm 1x/day, Arcane Lock 1x/day, Firetrap 1x/day or Misdirection 1x/day
Lesser Dragonmark: Explosive Runes 1x/day, Glyph of Warding 1x/day or Nondetection 1x/day
Greater Dragonmark: Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound 1x/day, Greater Glyph of Warding 1x/day or Guards and Wards 1x/day

Influence: Banking Guild, Warding Guild
Background: The mark of Warding appeared in the Dwarven Kundarak clan 3000 years ago but it wasn’t until the rise of Galifar that the Dwarves arose from barbarism and discovered the full extent of their magical gift. House Kundarak has established itself as the bankers and moneylenders of Khorvaire, and as such have become extremely wealthy. The patriarch of the clan is Baron Morrikan d’Kundarak and he rules from his hall in Kunderalhold. The clan has vast deposits of precious metals in Kundarakhold and use their magic to protect it. The family is run like a business and the heirs of the house are expected to earn their keep. The clan runs the Banking guild and the Warding guild. The banking guild provides moneylending, letters of credit and safekeeping services from their major branches in Aundaire, Thrane, Karrnath, Breland, Zilargo and the Lhazaar principalities. The warding guild consists of specialists in magic and mundane security as well as troops trained to protect. House Kundarak has close ties with House Sivis.

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