Warforged Components: Any character capable of creating magic items can make the same item as a warforged component. Warforged components usuallt ake up the same space on the body that that a magic item of the same type would use, items can be crafted that do not take up a defined space, but they cost 2x normal and must be bonded to the warforged’s body. Embedded items cannot be damaged or targeted, attached components can. If an item requires activation, the warforged can do so with a thought, it still requires a standard action, but it can be done without movement or sound and the warforged never draws an attack of opportunity when doing so. Embedded or attached components cannot be forcibly removed unless the warforged has less than zero hps. If the warforged is destroyed, each component gets an appropriate saving throw to see if they survive.


Armblade: (Attached Component) A long metal cylinder with a heavy serrated blade at one end attaches to a warforged arm. It is the equivalent of a +1 bastard sword and requires the exotic weapon proficiency to use it properly. While it is attached, the warforged cannot be disarmed but he cannot use that hand for anything else. He gains a +2 bonus on attempts to disarm an opponent. If he uses a ready action to set an armblade against a charge, he deals double damage on a successful hit against a charging creature. Faint transmutation; CL 5; Craft magic arms and armor; heroism;Price 2300gps; Weight 8lbs.

Armbow: (Attached Component) This is a +2 repeating light crossbow formed from densewood, it attaches to a warforged arm, completely covering the hand and locks into place. It magically arms and fires with a thought, it creates its own ammo and its clip holds 5 bolts. It can create 20 bolts per day. The warforged can spend 1hp to create extra bolts and 3 hps to create a bolt that is aligned, creating bolts are a free action. The armbow cannot use normal bolts. Moderate evocation and conjuration; CL 9; Craft magic arms and armor; align weapon, minor creation; price 20000gps; weight 12lbs.

Battlefist: (Attached Component) This +1 weapon resembles a massively oversized spiked gauntlet; one designed for a medium warforged looks like it was made for an ogre. It attaches to the arm, completely covering the hand. The damage done by a battlefist is 1d8 points of bludgeoning and piercing damage. Warforged monks using a battlefist increase their unarmed damage as if they were one size larger, and he adds the bonus of the fist to his attack and damage rolls. Faint transmutation; CL 3; Craft magic arms and armor; bulls strength; price 2600gps; weight 6lbs.

Circlet of Preservation: (Attached Component) This is a heavy torc of blackened adamatine, it adjusts to fit the neckof any medium warforged. The torc is designed to absorb the consciousness of the warforged it is on if the warforged is critically damaged and repair the damage afterward. The circlet restores 1hp every 10 minutes, even if the wearer has been reduced to more than –9 hps. When –9 is reached, the consciousness returns into the warforged body. The circlet can be removed if the warforged reaches 0 hps, which stops the circlet from repairing the body but retains the consciousness. If the circlet is then placed on another warforged, the two consciousnesses must roll opposed will checks, the ictor gains control of the body, the loser is trapped in the circlet. This test can be repeated every 24 hours. The consciousness in the circlet is like a docent in that it can communicate telepathically and sense the world through its hosts senses. The two consciousnesses can come to a symbiotic agreement and take turns running the body, but still the switch can only happen once every 24 hours. The circlet is highly resistant to damage, it is made of spell hardened adamantine and has a hardness of25 and 50hps. It repairs 1hp per round also. Strong Enchantment; CL 20.

Circlet of the Third Eye: (Attached Component) This headband bears the sigil of a single eye situated in the center of the brow. On command, the eye transforms into a 6” eyestalk that is controllable by thought. The eye glows yellow and is clearly visible even in darkness and deep shadow (Hide checks @ -5). The wearer gains darkvision 60’ and can continually see invisible as the spell. In addition, the eyestalk is extremely flexible and is capable of stretching up to 10’ away. The eyestalk has an AC of 20 and 15hps. If it is taken to below 0 hps, it disappears and cannot be used again for one week. The circlet can function for one hour per day but it need not be consecutive. The minimum time it can be activated is ten minutes though.

Faint Transmutation; CL4; Craft Wonderous Item, alter self, darkvision, see invisibility; Price 30000gp; Weight 1lb.

Clone Mask: (Attached Component) These items have only been found in Xen’Drick and then only rarely. The mask is a ceramic mask colored red on one side and blue on the other (Hardness10, 35Hps). Once per day the warforged can undergo an astounding change for up to one hour. His upper body splits in two and becomes two separate tops, while his lower body grows a third leg for stability. This transformation is a full round action. The mask can only be activated by a warforged that has at least a +6 BAB, because while there are two upper bodies, there is only one mind and the warforged can only make its normal amount of actions per round. If one of the heads is decapitated, the warforged immediately reverts to normal and is stunned for 2d4 rounds. After the initial transformation is complete, the warforged gains the following effects: When maiking a full attack, the warforged gains one extra attack at his full BAB. The warforged gains a temporary 2d10 hps. The warforged may grapple with one opponent without penalty and may attempt to grapple a second with the standard penalty. The warforged cannot be flanked. The warforged gains the powerful build trait. He gains +2 on all listen and Spot checks. The warforged gain a +4 stability bonus when resisting trip attacks.

Strong Transmutation; CL20; Artifact; Price ? Weight 1lb.

Command Circlet: (Attached Component) This gold band fits easiliy over the brow of a warforged, fusing there and occupying the space of a helmet. A warforged wearing a command circlet can telepathically speak to any other warforged within 100’ as a free action, though he cannot hear any replies. The target must be in view. If multiple warforged are in view, the wearer can speak to all, some or just one of them. In addition, once per day thwearer can cast remove fear upon up to 10 warforged withn 30’ of him.

Faint Divination; CL5; Craft wonderous Item, detect thoughts, remove fear; Price 12500gp; Weight 2lb.

Disc of Energy Resistance: (Embedded Component) A metallic disc, engraved with runes and set with a gemstone at it center, it occupies the same spot as an amulet on a warforged and grants the wearer resistance to one kind of energy (acid, cold, electric, fire, sonic).A minor disc gives 10ER, a major disc gives 20ER and a greater disc grants 30ER. Faint (minor or major) or moderate (greater) abjuration; CL 3 (minor), 7 (major), 11 (greater); Craft Wonderous item; resist energy; price 12000gps (minor), 28000gps (major), 44000gps (greater).

Disc of Illumination: (Embedded Component) This shimmering metal disc occupies the same body slot as an amulet. Three times a day the disc can illuminate the non wooden parts of the warforged body, making it shime as the daylight spell for one hour. When the warforged is illuminated he is difficult to look directly at and gains a +2 concealment bonus to AC.

Moderate Evocation; CL6; Craft Wonderous Item, daylight; Price 20000gps; Weight 1lb.

Disc of Shadow: (Embedded Component) This dark crescent shaped disc occupies the same body slot as an amulet. Three times per day the disc can cause inklike black vapors to pour from the warforged’s mouth, shrouding it in an effective darkness spell centered on him for one hour. The warforged gain a +2 concealment bonus to AC and a +5 bonus to hide checks.

Moderate Evocation; CL 6; Craft Wonderous Item, darkness; Price 20000gps; Weight 1lb.

Docent Components: (Embedded Component) These are artifacts discovered in the wilds of Xen’drick, they are small metal spheres(2”), embedded with dragonshards and gems. Artificers and Warforged alike have so far failed in discovering why they work or how  to make them. Despite radiating strong magic, the docents have no identifiable magic abilities until they are embedded in a warforged. At that point they ‘come to life’, literally. A docent is an intelligent magic item designed to advise and help living constructs. They can be any alignment but all share these statistics:

Int of 2d6+8 (min12) and wisdom and charisma scores of 2d6+6 (min10). It perceives its surroundings through the warforged’s senses, but does not use the warforgred spot, search or listen skills. It can always communicate telepathically with the warforged it is attached to . The docent cannot speak but the warforged can give control of his vocal ability to the docent. One of the primary uses of the docent is to act as a translator for its warforged. All docents speak giant and common. A docent can understand an additional two languages for each point of intelligence modifierthat it possesses. When a docent is found, it most likely will not have all of these slots filled. Docents in Xen’drick will most likely have draconic and elvish, the docents learn new languages almost as soon as they are introduced to them. Each docent has 1d4 powers from the following list:

Deathwatch continuously active                 +2700gp

Detect magic at will                                                 +3600gp

10 ranks in decipher script                                        +5000gp

10 ranks in diplomacy                                                +5000gp

10 ranks in knowledge (choose category)                +5000gp

10 ranks in listen                                                     +5000gp

10 ranks in search                                                  +5000gp

10 ranks in sense motive                                      +5000gp

10 ranks in spellcraft                                 +5000gp

10 ranks in spot                                                      +5000gp

Haste the owner 1x/day                                     +5000gp

Zone of Truth 3x/day                                     +6500gp

Detect opposing alignment at will                       +7200gp

Detect undead at will                                           +7200gp

Continuous Detect scrying                                    +10000gp

Status, usable at will                                           +11000gp

The docent activates and controls all of its own abilities, not the warforged. The diplomacy skill can only be used if the warforged allows the docent to speak through him. A docent has a base value of 2500gp. The ego score of the docent is determined oin the normal way. A warforged may remove the docent at will and replace it with another if he so chooses, however, the new docent will not activate until 24 hours have passed since it was attached. A warforged can only attach one docent at a time.

Dragonshard Core: Embedded Component) This was discovered deep in the wilds of Xen’drik, it is thought to be a unique item. While its powers were demonstrated by a warforged named Shear, he was lost in a battle with un unknown beast and neither he nor the Core have ever been seen again. The Dragonshard Core consists of 3 dragonshards, 6” long. Each of the 3 types (Siberys, Eberron and Khyber) are represneted here. Each shard is stuck in a diamond the size of a thumb and the whole thing is held together by a ring od adamantine. When placed upon the chest, it embeds and sinks into the body. The core has three sets of abilities, each relating to a different shard, the warforged can decide which set to use once per day as a standard action. Here are the powers associated with each shard:

Siberys: Sense the presence of any dragonmarked creature within 100’ and know their exact location. With a DC15 wisdom check, he can determine the relative strength of the dragonmark detected. In addition, he can create an antimagic field that extends out 100’ and can be manifested at will.

Eberron: Warforged gains Spell Resistance 25, Healing spells work to their full effect, Repair spells heal double.

Khyber: Any spell with an elemental descriptor subject to spell resistance fails against the warforged unless he wishes it. Additionally, he gains immunity to fire and cold, a fly speed of 30’ (Perfect maneuverability) and a burrow speed of 30’.

Scholars believe there are even greater powers in the Dragonshard Core but have no evidence to back it up.

Strong (All Schools); CL20;Weight 10lbs.

Essense of the Guard: (Embedded Component) This dull copper disk bears symbols representing watchfulness. When embedded in a warforged, it occupies the space of an amulet, granting a +5 bonus to Listen and Spot.

Faint divination; CL 5; Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Price 6250gp.

Essense of the Guard, Improved: (Embedded Component) This dull copper disk bears symbols representing watchfulness. When embedded in a warforged, it occupies the space of an amulet, granting a +10 bonus to Listen and Spot.

Faint divination; CL 5; Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Price 25000gp.

Essense of the Guard, Greater: (Embedded Component) This dull copper disk bears symbols representing watchfulness. When embedded in a warforged, it occupies the space of an amulet, granting a +15 bonus to Listen and Spot.

Faint divination; CL 5; Craft Wondrous Item, clairaudience/clairvoyance; Price 56250gp.

Essence of the Scout: (Embedded Component) A dark metal disc engraved with symbols for silence and stealth, it occupies the same slot as an amulet. It grants a +5 bonus to hide and move silently. Faint illusion; CL 5; Craft wonderous item; invisibility, silence; price 5000gps.

Essence of the Scout, Greater: (Embedded Component) As essence of the scout but +15 bonus. moderate illusion; CL 10; Craft wonderous item; invisibility, silence; price 45000gps.

Essence of the Scout, Improved: (Embedded Component) As essence of the scout but +10 bonus. Moderate illusion; CL 10; Craft wonderous item; invisibility, silence; price 20000gps.

Expanded Resevoir: Only warforged with the psionic body feat can benefit from this item. You can embed this crystal in your chest of skull, either taking an amulet or headband slot. Once embedded, you can store an additional 6 power points in your body.

Moderate Psychokinesis; ML 12; Craft Cognizance Crystal; Price 18000gps; Cost 9000gps, 720xps, 18 days: Weight 1lb.

Final Messenger: (Embedded Component) Basically a small lightweight golem made of clockwork and filagree wings, it occupies the same slot as an amulet. The warforged can implant a destination, target creature and 25 word message into the messenger and send it as a standard action. If the warforged is destroyed, the messenger replaces the message with the final sight of the warforged ad flies immediately to its target creature. It is a fine construct with AC26/26/26, 6hps, and a fly speed of 60’ (perfect). It has low light vision, darkvision  (60’), it has no arms or legs and can only deliver its message. It can run for 8 hours after being detacted from its host warforged. Moderate transmutation; CL 11; Craft construct; animate object, sending; price 6000gps.

Finger Picks: These delicate, intricate tools function as masterwork Thieve’s tools that grant an additional +2 bonus on Disable device and Open Locks for a total of +4.

Faint Transmutation: CL 5; Craft Wonderous Item; knock: Price: 500gp; Cost: 300gps, 16xp, 1 day.

Gauntlet of the Deft Hand: (Attached Component) This single gauntlet is made of a fine metal mesh, impervious to the effects of natural rusting or tarnishing. Upon speaking the correct command word the warforged’s hand and fingers transform into fine tools, perfect for precise work. The warforged gains a +5 competence bonus on craft checks that involve fine details, as well as Disable device and Open locks checks. Using the gaunlet of Deft Hand precludes the warforged from holding a weapon in its transformed hand for the duration of the effect. Once activated, the gauntlet’s effect lasts indefinitely, but its wearer can deactivate and remove the gauntlet at will. The warforged can use the various blades and tools created by the gauntlet as exotic weapons. The tools deal 1d4 damage of slashing or piercing damage (user’s choice).

Faint Transmutation; CL 4;Craft Wonderous Item, alter self; Price 7500gp; Weight 1lb.

Gauntlets of Excavation: (Attached Component) These oversized gauntlets appear battered and well used even when just created. When activated, the warforged’s arms and hands transform into shovels that can dig through earth and stone at a rate of 10cuft of earth or 2 cuft of stone every 10 minutes. The shovel arms have an equivalent Str of 20 or the warforged’s Str, whichever is greater. When activated the warforged becomes topheavy and unable to wield a weapon. He loses all dodge bonuses to AC and takes a –5 penalty to all Dex based checks. Both gauntlets must be worn to activate the magic. The warforged may use the gauntlets for up to 1 hour (not necessarily consecutive) a day but each activation lasts at least 10 minutes. The shovels can be used as exotic weapons but they only deal 1d4 slashing damage.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 5; Craft Wonderous Item, alter self, soften earth and stone; Price 8000gp; Weight 8lb.

Iron-Toothed Girdle: (Attached Component) This girdle consists of two wide dull grey metal bands affixed by a hinge in back and a sturdy clasp in the front, it occupies the same body slot as a belt. With a command word the girdle activates and splits the warforged’s torso into a gaping maw filled with gnashing metal teeth. The maw can stretch from the body to make one bite attack per round (5’ range) dealing 3d6 piercing damage (Crit threat 19/2x). It is considered a magic weapon for dealing with damage reduction. During a grapple, the maw can attack normally without the –4 penalty. The maw can make a total of 10 bites per day.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7; Craft Wonderous Item, polymorph; Price 15000gp; Weight 10lb.

Jewels of Dazzling Light: (Embedded Component) Composed of clusters of various multihued gemstones placed in arcane patterns around each forearm, the jewels of dazzling light occupy the same body slot as bracers. When worn, they grant the warforged a +2 enhancement bonus to Diplomacy checks against creatures that can see tha warforged. In addition, the jewels grant the following spell-like abilities: 5x/day- Dancing Lights, Daze (DC10), Flare (DC10); 3x/day- Color Spray (DC11), Hypnotism (DC 11); 1x/day- Rainbow Pattern (DC 16).

Moderate Illusion; CL 7; Craft Wonderous Item, color spray, dancing lights, daze, flare, hypnotism, rainbow pattern; Price 17000gp; Weight 1/2lb.

Power Crystal: This attached component can occupy either the head, chest or hand. A power crystal stores the imprint of a psionic power. You can activate the crystal by spending power points (you cannot augment this power), this power is treated as a normally manifested power with all the attendant effects.

Craft Universal Ittem, Imprint Stone, must be able to manifest the power imprinted in the stone

Power Level



Price (Gps)



Cost (Xps)

































































*: must be able to manifest the power imprinted in the stone

Projection Orb: This item consists of two crystal lenses that fit over the warforged eyes and a matching globe. As a standard action, you can cause anything you see to appear in the globe, allowing the possessor to see what you see. Deactivating the link is a swift action. There is no limit to the range other than you must be on the same plane.

Moderate Divination; CL 7; Craft Wonderous Item; scrying; Price: 25200gp; Cost: 12600gp, 1008xp, 26 days.

Psychic Generator: This crystal cluster is embedded into your torso and does not take a standard body slot. The psychic generator grants you 1 additional power point that can be used each day.

Faint Psychokinesis; ML 5; Craft Universal Item; Price 2500gps; Cost 1250gps, 100xp, 3 days; Weight 1lb.

Scorpion Brand: (Embedded Component) Made of a 6’ square sheet of steel edged with gold, this item bears the likeness of a stylized scorpion. Once affixed to the chest, it allows the warforged to manifest an 8’ scorpion tail made of segmented metal. The tail can make one attack per round (in addition to any other attacks the warforged can make). This is a secondary natural attack with a 10’ reach. The sting deals 1d6 damage and injects a poison (injury, Fort DC14, Initial and secondary 1d6 Dex), and is considered a magic weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The tail has an AC of 20 and 30 hps, if it is destroyed, the tail cannot remanifest for one week. The tail can make a total of 10 attacks per day.

Moderate transmutation; CL7; Craft Wonderous Item, alter self, poison; Price 17500gp; Weight 1lb.

Somatic Cables: Somatic cables can be used to perform the somatic component of any spell. This allows the warforged to cast even when both hands are occupied. A warforged that fails an arcane check can roll again, taking the best roll.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 10; Craft Wonderous Item, Still Spell; telekinesis: Price: 16200gp; Cost: 14700gp, 1176xp, 30 days.

Spring Heeled Boots: (Attached Component) These boot expand or contract to fit the feet of any warforged. When the command word is spoken, copper coils grow from the bottom of the boots and grant the following: +20 to jump, +15 to base speed (as long as there is 10’ between the ceiling and the floor, otherwise the warforged’s speed is halved), Take ½ damage from falls with a successful DC15 Reflex save, If the warforged does not move 10’ in a round, he loses his Dodge bonus (if any) and takes a –4 to balance until the next round. The boots can function for a total of 10 rounds per day, they need not be consecutive.

Faint Transmutation: CL5; Craft Wonderous Item, alter self, jump; Price 45500gp; Weight 4lb.

Stone of Internal Fire: (Embedded Component) This item is about the size and shape of a chicken’s egg. The warforged must swallow the component and thereafter it is incorporated inside of his internal workings. Once per day, when the command word is spoken, the warforged becomes incredibly hot for 5 rounds. A thick cloud of steam erupts from his mouth and created a fog cloud as the spell but with the following additional properties: Creature adjacent to the warforged take 1d4 fire damage for each round the remain close to the warforged. Any creature that touches the warforged takes 2d4 fire damage, in addition to the 1d4 for being adjacent. For every round the stone is active, the warforged also takes 1d4 fire damage. He must make a DC15 fortitude save each round or any flammable items hewears, holds or carries bursts into flame.

Moderate Evocation; CL 6; Craft Wonderous Item, fog, heat metal; Price 1000gp; Weight N/A

Tauric Belt: (Attached Component) This woven mithral belt is studded with dragonshards and etched with the images of fantastic beasts. When worn by a warforged, it grants the ability to transform the lower body into a fantastic leonine form made of mithral, steel and darkwood. The wearer can shift between the two forms as a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. When in tauric form the warforged gains the following:

Size increases by one, the lower body is much larger than the normal medium sized body, but the upper body remains medium sized. All AC, attack, grapple etc modifiers apply. +10’ to base speed, +4 str, +2 con, Gain 2 claw attacks dealing 1d4 dam, these are made with the normal penalties for secondary attacks. Strong transmutation; CL 20.

Tracker Mask: (Attached Component) Crafted to fit above the mouth of a warforged, this thin mask is a peaked band of silvery metal with ventlike structures that fall under the eyes when worn. It grants the warforged the scent ability when worn, allowing them to track by smell (If they have the track feat).

Faint Divination; CL5; Craft Wondrous Item, owl’s wisdom; Price 18000gp; Weight 1lb

Traction Claws: (Attached Component) This consists of a set of large metal crampons and cumbersome clawed gauntlets, all four of which must be worn for them to function. They occupy the space of Boots and Gloves but when a warforged puts them on, they fuse and retract until needed. Wearing these gives the warforged a +5 bonus to climb a surface (not a rope), and +5 on Balance checks for slippery surfaces.

Faint Transmutation; CL 5; Craft Wondrous Item, bullsstrength, cats grace; Price 4000gp; Weight 10lb.

Wand Sheath: (Embedded Component) This narrow sheath is embedded in the forearm and hand of a warforged, occupying the space of a bracer. The warforged can insert a wand into the sheathe whereupon it merges with the warforged body. Once inserted, it cannot be removed until all of the charges are used up. Any character that could normally activate the wand can do so simply by pointing his finger and thinking about activating it. Faint transmutation; CL 4; Craft wonderous item, craft wand; polymorph; price 4000gps.

Winged Cape: (Attached component) (Lesser Artifact) This item consists of two large adamantineedged, mithral plates attached to a shoulder harness. When attached, they grant the warforged a fly speed of 120’ with perfect maneuverability. In addition the warforged gain the ability to make two wing buffet attacks, even when flying. The wings are a secondary attack dealing 1d10 hps of bludgeoning damage, and are treated as adamantine for damage reduction.

Strong Transmutation; CL20; Weight 30lb.