Elf Only Feats

Only members of the Elven race can take these feats. There are several other prerequisites that limit their availability.

Aerenal ArcanistAerenal Elf, Wizard
Aerenal BeastmasterAerenal Elf, Ability to gain new animal companion
Aerenal Half LifeAerenal Elf
Aereni FocusAerenal Elf, 1st level only
Ancestral GuidanceValenar Elf
Blade Bearer of the ValenarValenar Elf, Proficient with Scimitar or Falchion
Call of the UndyingAerenal Elf, Access to the Deathless Domain
Chosen of the DeathlessAerenal Elf, ability to turn undead
Death's BloodElf or Half Elf
Drow Scorpion WarriorDrow Skirmisher Base Attack Bonus 4+, Drow, Region of Origin Xen'drik
Drow SkirmisherXen'drik Drow
Elf DilettanteElf, Int 13+
Focused MindElf, Concentration 2+ ranks
Joy of LifeElf, Con 15+
LightfeetElf, Dex 13+, Balance 2+ ranks, Move Silently 2+ ranks
Right of CouncilElf
Spirit of the StallionValenar Elf, Mounted Combat
Trap SensitivityElf or Trapfinding class feature, Trap sense 2+
Valenar TrampleValenar Elf, Mounted Combat
White Scorpion StrikeXen'drik Drow, Ability to use Ki Strike (Magic)
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