Dark Speech

Prerequisite(s): Base Will Bonus 5+, Int 15+, Cha 15+
Benefit: You can use the Dark speech to bring loathing and fear to others, to help cast Evil spells and create Evil magic items and weaken physical items.
There exists a language so dire, so inherently full of spite, malice, corruption and hatred that it is simply called the Dark Speech. This is the secret language of evil gods, so foul and so potent that even demons and devils refrain from its use, lest it consume them. Not surprisingly, very few mortals know even a few words of the dark speech. But those that do are wise to never underestimate the power of words. The safest way to use Dark Speech is through spells such as Dread Word. Characters must take this feat to begin learning the Dark Speech language. The Dark Speech is extremely difficult to master. Some outsiders know smatterings or more and need no feat to master it. To actually communicate in the Dark Speech, the speaker must take great care or both he and the lstener could come to great harm. There are no words in the language for good concepts such as kindness, mercy and purity. However, evil characters can speak of misery, anguish, hate and betrayal with an accuracy impossible in any other tongue. The dark speech has no written form. It cannot be transliterated into another languages written form without losing all of its meaning and power. Besides communicating in the language of evil itself, there are four ways that a speaker can use the Dark Speech:
Dread: The words spoken cause fear, loathing and dread in all who hear them. Speaking words of Dread is draining to the speaker, dealing 1d4 points of Charisma damage each round the language is spoken. When dread words of the dark speech are spoken, all within 30' of the speaker must make a will save vs DC = 10 + 1/2 speaker level + speaker's Cha modifier. Those that have this feat gain a +4 to this saving throw. If the listener fails the save, he suffers the following according to his level anf alignment:
Levels 1-4 Non-Evil: Characters are shaken and flee from the source as quickly as possible, although they can choose their path of flight. Once they are out of range, they are free to acts as they please. Characters unable to flee can fight although they are still shaken for 1d10 rounds.
Levels 5-10 Non-Evil: Characters are shaken, taking a -2 penalty on all rolls for 1d10 rounds.
Levels 11+ Non-Evil: Characters are filled with loathing for the speaker and must attack him on their next action.
Levels 1-4 Evil: Characters cower and are frozen in fear. They lose thier Dex bonus and can take no actions for 1d10 rounds. Foes gain a +2 bonus to hit cowering characters.
Levels 5-10 Evil: Characters are mastered by the Dark Speech, acting as if charmed for 1d10 minutes.
Levels 11+ Evil: Characters are impressed, reacting to the speaker with more respect and wariness. This adds +2 to any attempt to change their attitude for the speaker.
Power: The words of the dark speech help energize evil magic into magic items and spells. Again, this is draining to the speaker, dealing 1d4 Charisma damage each time the words are spoken. If used in conjunction with an evil spell that has a verbal component, the dark speech increases the effective caster level by one. If used in the creation of an evil magic item, the speech increases the caster's level by one without increasing the cost. Both level increases are considered profane bonuses.
Corruption: The words of Dark Speech, whispered softly, can weaken physical objects. As a full round action, the speaker can whisper vile words of corruption and destruction to inanimate objects, such as a door or wall, reducing its hardness by 1/2. This minor use of the speech is not draining, but cannot be used more than once on a single object.
Dark Unity: The words of Dark Speech can create a hivemind. Up to 100 vermin or animals (none of which can have more than 1HD) form an evil hivemind. The united consciousness will take one command from the speaker. Doing this drains 1d4 points of Constitution damage each time it is done.
Source: Book of Vile Darkness