Spelltouched Feats

*Probationary* These feats may not be allowed by your DM. You have been permanently affected in some way by a spell...

Accurate JauntExposure to greater teleport, plane shift, teleport, or shadow walk spell
Blade Proof SkinExposure to stoneskin or iron body spell
Breadth of KnowledgeExposure to legend lore or vision spell
ConductivityExposure to call lightning, lightning bolt, or chain lightning spell
Controlled ImmolationExposure to fireball or delayed blast fireball spell
Eyes to the SkyExposure to scrying or greater scrying spell
False PretensesExposure to charm or dominate spell
Ineluctable EchoExposure to wail of the banshee or any power word spell
Life LeechExposure to death touch domain granted power or death knell spell
Live My NightmareExposure to phantasmal killer spell
Momentary AlterationExposure to alter self spell
Naturalized DenizenExposure to dimensional anchor spell
Omniscient WhispersExposure to commune or contact other plane spell
Photosynthetic SkinExposure to barkskin spell
Polar ChillExposure to cone of cold or ice storm spell
Residual ReboundExposure to spell resistance or spell turning spell
Stench of the DeadExposure to ghoul touch or vampiric touch spell
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