Vile Feats

All of these feats require the user to be evil. Some of these feats might not be allowed by your DM, be sure to check...

Abominable FormWilling Deformity
Abyssbound SoulEvil Brand, Thrall to Demons
ApostateWis 13+
Beloved of DemonsEvil Brand, Power Attack, Evil, Caster level 6+, Knowledge (the Planes) 6+ ranks
Blessing of the GodlessEvil, Knowledge (Religion) 6+ ranks
Bloodwar ConscriptEvil Brand
Boost Spell-Like AbilityNone
Boost Spell ResistanceEvil Alignment, Spell Resistance
Chosen of EvilCon 13+, Any other Vile feat
Corrupt SpellAny Evil Alignment
Corrupt Spell FocusAny Non Good alignment
Dark SpeechBase Will Save 5+, Int 15+, Cha 15+
Dark WhispersDark Speech
Deformity - Clawed HandsWilling Deformity
Deformity - EyesWilling Deformity
Deformity - FaceWilling Deformity
Deformity - GauntWilling Deformity
Deformity - MadnessWilling Deformity
Deformity - ObeseWilling Deformity
Deformity - ParasiteWilling Deformity
Deformity - SkinWilling Deformity
Deformity - TallWilling Deformity, Evil Alignment, Medium Creature
Deformity - TeethWilling Deformity, Evil Alignment
Deformity - TongueWilling Deformity, Evil Alignment
Demonic ConduitEvil Brand
Disciple of DarknessNone
Enemy of GoodChosen of Evil, Evil Brand
Enervate SpellNon Good, Must not have the ability to Turn Undead
Evil BrandNone
Evil's BlessingCha 13+
Fiendish Summoning SpecialistKnowledge (the planes) 2+ ranks, Knowledge (religion) 2+ ranks, ability to cast any summon monster spell, Nongood alignment
Filthy OutburstDark Speech, Base Will Save 7+
Generous SacrificeEvil, Con 15+
Greater Corrupt Spell FocusCorrupt Spell Focus, Non Good Alignment
Hell SwornEvil Brand, Weapon Focus, Evil, Knowledge (the Planes) 9+ ranks
Insane DefianceBase Will Save 5+
Lich LovedEvil Brand
Malign Spell FocusEvil Alignment
Mask of GentilityCha 15+, Bluff 9+ ranks, Disguise 9+ ranks
Master's WillEvil Brand, Chosen of Evil or Undead Type
Murderous IntentBase Attack Bonus 9+, Favored Enemy (any one)
Reflexive PsychosisDeformity - Madness
Sacrificial MasteryWis 15+
Slave to EvilChosen of Evil
Thrall to DemonNone
Vermin FriendCha 15+
Vile Ki StrikeCha 15+/td>
Vile Martial StrikeCha 15+, Weapon Focus(in chosen weapon)
Vile Natural AttackBase Attack Bonus 5+, Natural Attack does 1d8 minimum
Violate SpellEvil Alignment
Violate Spell-Like AbilityAny Evil Alignment
Willing DeformityNone
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