Wizard Bonus Feats

This is the list of feats that a Wizard can take as bonus feats. Other prerequisites may apply.

Absorb SpellCha 17+, Cast Arcane spells without preparation, Bloodburn
Accelerate MetamagicDragonblood Subtype, Spellcraft 4+ ranks, ability to spontaneously cast 1st level spells, Any Metamagic feat
Alacritous CogitationMust prepare arcane spells
Area ControlNone
Attune Magic WeaponCaster level 5+, Craft Magic Arms and Armor
Bend SpellNone
Bind ElementalCaster level 9+, Craft Wonderous Item
Black Lore of MoilCaster level 7+, Spell Focus (Necromancy)
Blistering SpellNone
BloodburnCast Arcane spells without preparation
Bounce SpellEnlarge Spell
Brew PotionCaster level 3+
Chain SpellAny Metamagic Feat
City MagicSpellcaster 3rd level or greater
Compressed SpellArcane Caster level 1+
Concentration SpellNone
Consecrate SpellAny Good Alignment
Construct GrafterCraft (armorsmithing, blacksmithng or sculpting) 10+ ranks
Controlled BurstNone
Cooperative SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Craft Alchemical ItemCraft (alchemy) 4+ ranks
Craft Cognizance CrystalManifester level 3+
Craft ConstructCraft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wonderous Item
Craft Contingent SpellCaster level 11+
Craft DorjeManifester level 5+
Craft Magic Arms and ArmorCaster level 5+
Craft Masterwork ArmorCraft (armorsmithing) 6+ ranks
Craft Masterwork Ranged WeaponCraft (bowmaking) 6+ ranks
Craft Masterwork WeaponCraft (weaponsmithing) 6+ ranks
Craft PsicrownManifester level 12+
Craft Psionic Arms and ArmorManifester level 5+
Craft Psionic ConstructCraft Psionic Arms and Armor, Craft Universal Item
Craft Psionic SealInt 15+, Caster level or Manifester level 7+, Psionic ability (spell-like abilities described as psionics, psi-like abilities, or psionic powers)
Craft RodCaster level 9+
Craft Rune CircleCaster level 5+
Craft Skull TalismanCaster Level 6+
Craft StaffCaster level 12+
Craft TattooCaster level 9+, Craft (Artist) 5+ ranks
Craft Universal ItemManifester level 3+
Craft WandCaster level 5+
Craft Wonderous ItemCaster level 3+
Dazzling IllusionSpell Focus (Illusion)
Deathless FleshgrafterAereni Elf, Knowledge (Religion) 2+ ranks, Caster level 5+.
Deceptive SpellNone
Delay SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Destructive ForceNone
Disrupting SpellNone
Dorje MasteryManifester level 9+, Craft Dorje
Dragon Blood ComponentArcane Caster level 1+, Draconic Bloodline, or Dragonblooded
Dragon CrafterKnowledge (Arcana) 2+ ranks
Earthbound SpellNone
Echoing SpellSpellcraft 12+ ranks, Ability to prepare spells
Ectopic FormKnow Astral Construct power.
Eldeen PlantgrafterKnowledge (Nature) 4+ ranks, Caster level 5+.
Eldritch CorruptionAny one Metamagic Feat, Moderate Depravity
Elemental GrafterKnowledge (The Planes) 2+ ranks, Caster level 5+.
Empower SpellNone
Energize SpellNon Evil, Must not have the ability to Rebuke Undead
Energy AbjurationSpell Focus (Abjuration), Abjurer level 1+
Energy AdmixtureEnergy Substitution
Energy AffinityKnowledge (arcana) 5+ ranks, able to cast at least one spell of each of these energy types: acid, and fire, cold, electricity
Energy SubstitutionKnowledge (Arcana) 5+ ranks, Any other Metamagic Feat
Enlarge SpellNone
Eschew MaterialsNone
Etch SchemaCaster level 10+.
Exceptional ArtisanAny Item Creation Feat
Explosive SpellNone
Extend SpellNone
Extract Demonic EssenceDemon Mastery, any Two Item Creation Feats
Extraordinary ArtisanAny Item Creation Feat
Extra RingsCaster level 12+, Forge Ring
Fast Item CreationAbility to cast 4th level spells
Fell DrainSpellcaster
Fell Energy SpellSpellcaster
Fell FrightenSpellcaster
Fell WeakenSpellcaster
Fiery SpellSpellcaster
Flash Frost SpellNone
Forge RingCaster level 12+
Fortify SpellNone
Generation CastingKnowledge (Nature) 10+ ranks, Two other Metamagic Feats
Giveaway SpellNone
Greater Held ChargeNone
Grell AlchemyKnowledge (dungeoneering) 3+ ranks, Int 13+, caster level 1+
Guided SpellSpellcaster
Heighten SpellNone
Heroic MetamagicAny other Metamagic Feat, Ability to cast 2nd level spells
Imbued HealingAbility to cast conjuration (healing) spells; access to one or more domains
Imbue SummoningAugment Summoning, Spell Focus (Conjuration)
Imprint StoneManifester level 1+
Improved Flight ItemCraft Wondrous Item, Knowledge (the Planes) 6+ ranks
Improved MetaffinityAbility to cast Arcane spells without preparation (like a Bard or Sorcerer), Metaffinity
Improved MetamemoryAbility to cast spells that are prepared in advance, Metamemory
Insightful DivinationSpell Focus (Divination) or Diviner level 1+
Invisible SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Legendary ArtisanAny Item Creation Feat
Lord of the UttercoldKnowledge (Planes) 9+, Ability to cast spells with the Cold descriptor, Energy Substitution (Cold)
Mass Effect SpellNone
Maximize SpellNone
MetaffinityAbility to cast Arcane spells without preparation (Bard/Sorcerer), at least one other Metamagic Feat
Metamagic School FocusSpell Focus in chosen school
Metamagic SongAny 2 Metamagic Feats, Bardic Music
Metamagic VigorTwo or more Metamagic Feats
MetamemoryAbility to cast spells that are prepared in advance, at least one other Metamagic Feat
MetaspellAbility to cast Arcane spells without preparation (like a Bard or Sorcerer)
Non Lethal SubstitutionKnowledge (Arcana) 5+, any Metamagic Feat
Ocular SpellKnowledge (Dungeoneering) 4+, Two or more eyes
Persistent SpellExtend Spell
Piercing ColdNone
Piercing EvocationSpell Focus (Evocation) or Evoker 1st level
Powerless SpellNone
Prophesy's ArtifexKnowledge (Arcana) 2+ ranks, Speak Language (Draconic), Craft Wand or Craft Staff, Dragon Prophesier
Purify SpellAny Good Alignment
Quicken SpellNone
Rapid SpellNone
Reach SpellNone
Relicguard SpellNone
Repeat SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Retributive SpellNone
Sanctify RelicAny other Item Creation feat
Sanctum SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Scribe ScrollCaster level 1+
Scribe TattooManifester level 3+
Sculpt SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Searing SpellNone
Self ItemAny two Item Creation feats
Silent SpellNone
Smiting SpellBase Attack Bonus 1+, Caster Level 1st
Song of the DeadNone
Spell FocusRelevant Alignment
Spell Mastery Wizard level 1+
Split RayAny Metamagic Feat
Still SpellNone
Stylize SpellAccess to the illusion school (or a lack of prohibition against using it)
Sudden EmpowerAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden Energy AffinityEnergy Affinity
Sudden Energy SubstitutionEnergy Substitution
Sudden EnlargeAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden ExtendAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden MaximizeAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden QuickenQuicken Spell, Sudden Silent, Sudden Empower, Sudden Still, Sudden Maximize, Sudden Extend
Sudden SilentAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden StillAny Metamagic Feat
Sudden WidenAny Metamagic Feat
Talented CrafterAny Item Creation feat
Tap ItemOne or more of the following: Craft Magic Arms and armor, Craft Rod, Craft Wonderous Item, Forge Ring
Toughening TransmutationSpell focus (Transmutation) or Transmuter level 1+
Transdimensional SpellNone
TransferenceAny Item Creation feat
Transfer SpellNone
Twin SpellAny Metamagic Feat
Unsettling EnchantmentSpell Focus (Enchantment) or Enchanter level 1+
Virus SpellNone
Wand MasteryCaster level 9+, Craft Wand
Widen SpellNone
WyrmgrafterHeal 10+ ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 5+ ranks
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