Character Death, Raising Dead, Reincarnation or Character Replacement:

When, in the course of an adventure, a PC is killed, there are several options to remedy this. This outlines the rules that we have in place for such an occurence:


1) Sometimes death is irrevocable, in such an instance, the player must generate a new character. The new character must be acceptable by the DMs and follow all character building rules set by the group. The new character will be one level lower than the deceased character. If the new character has an ECL, the ECL + Class level can be the same level as the deceased with the following qualifier: If the deceased character had an ECL, the new character must have an ECL one higher or it must take the 1 level loss penalty.


2) If the group has access to Raise Dead, Resurrection, Limited wish or Miracle spell and the spell functions correctly, the PC is restored to life but suffers the loss of one level (PC will have expts at halfway mark for level advancement).


3) If the party has access to a Reincarnate spell and the spell functions in such a way that the character reforms in a playable body, he will suffer the loss of one level.


4) If the party has access to Last Breath (and it is used in time), True Resurrection or Wish and the spell functions correctly, the character is restored to life with all facilities and no level loss.


5) If a player decides he is tired of his PC and wishes to retire it and replace it with a new one, the new character follows the same rules as irrevocable death.