Racial / Regional Familiarity: Weapons, Armor and Other:

Certain items that are exotic or rare to some races/societies, are considered normal to others. In this case, special notice must be made to specify a familiarity with the item and thus reduce the "Proficiency" rating (Example: Exotic to Martial). Any item that has a regional familiarity is common enough in that region but considered rare elsewhere and will cost 2 to 4 times the listed price.

The following are items that have a familiarity to specific races/regions in this campaign.


Aerenal: The elves of Aerenal have had generations to develop special weapons and armor used solely by denizens of this region. The following are considered Exotic for all creatures except for Elves that come from the Aerenal Region: Leafweave Armor, Darkleaf Armor, Elven Thinblade, Elven Courtblade, and Elven Lightblade.


Valenar: The elves of Valenar have developed one specific weapon that they use with great skill: the Double Scimitar. The Double Scimitar is not considered Exotic for Elves that come from the Valenar Region.


Elves: All Elves gain Martial proficiency in the following items: Longsword, Rapier, Longbow (including Composite Longbow), and Shortbow (including Composite Shortbow).


Mror Hold: The Dwarves of the Mror Holds have developed a fondness and strong affiliation with the following items and as such, these items are not considered Exotic: Dwarven Stone Armor (Heavy), Dwarven Buckler Axe (Light), Dwarven Waraxe (Martial) and Dwarven Urgrosh (Martial). (Dwarves not raised in the Mror Holds lose the Stone Armor affiliation but retain the Waraxe and Urgrosh).


Zilargo: The gnomes of Zilargo have developed a specialized weapon/tool that everyone from the region as well as all gnomes everywhere have taken as their own: The Gnome Hook Hammer (Martial). Gnomes specifically from Zilargo also have familiarity with the following: Gnome Tortoise Blade (Light), Gnome Quickrazor (Light), Gnome Swordcatcher (One Handed).


Demon Wastes: In ages past and still to this day, the orcs and half orcs of the Demon Wastes have specialized in the use of the Orc Double Axe (Martial) (Orcs or Half Orcs from other regions do not have this familiarity).


Talenta Plains: The halfling riders of the Talenta Plains have developed specific weapons to aid them in their nomadic and barbaric lifestyle. The Sharrash and Tangat are considered Martial weapons for Halflings from the Talenta Plains.


Goliaths: The oversized, stonelike Goliaths that reside in the mountainous regions across Khorvaire have specialized in the use of the 'Goliath' Greathammer.


Xen'drik: There may be countless items specific to the regions of Xen'drik but only a few are known well enough to be used outside the region. The Drow of Xen'drik have specialized in the Longknife and Scorpion Chain and as such, treat them as Martial weapons.